Ritend Bat Weights

Get quicker, stronger and hit with more power. Ritend is for baseball & softball and promotes hands to the ball because the bat weight is at the knob end of the bat.  Traditional bat weights are at the far end of the bat.  

Although traditional weights fell like they are making your hands quicker it actually creates casting by forcing your hands away from your body due to centrifugal force.  This causes the swing to get long, hence not quick and slow. Click the YouTube Video link to see the Ritend Bat Weight in action. 


Ritend Bat Weight increases bat speed, strength and power 

Ritend Bat Weight promotes hands to the ball and hands inside the ball

With Ritend Bat Weight the bat stays in the proper zone during the swing 

by creating the correct muscle memory 

Ritend Bat Weight can be used off Tee, Front Toss, on deck circle and Live 

Batting Practice. 

Attaches to most Aluminum and Wood Bats

Ideal for Little League to the Majors


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