Ritend Baseball & Softball Bat Weight baseball bat weight

Let us help you be more successful at the plate by increasing your BAT SPEED!!


Increase Bat Speed with Ritend Bat Weights 


Are you a baseball or softball player who’s looking to hit with more POWER?  

Then you need to get the proper muscles moving quicker & stronger and now you can!   Ritend Bat Weights actually promote hands to the ball because the bat weight is placed at the knob end of the bat, unlike Traditional bat weights that are at the barrel end of the bat.  

Ritend develops proper hand speed, hitting muscle strength and swing path because of this revolutionary concept.  Traditional bat weights actually cause your swing to get long and slow (around the ball or casting instead to and through the ball) instead of compact and explosive.

Ritend Bat Weights are for Baseball and Softball players of all ages. 

Click the YouTube Video link to see the Ritend Bat Weight in action.  


Ritend Bat Weight increases bat speed, strength and power 

Ritend Bat Weight promotes hands to the ball and hands inside the ball

 With Ritend Bat Weight the bat stays in the zone longer by creating the correct muscle memory  

Ritend Bat Weight can be used off Tee, Front Toss, on deck circle and Live 

Batting Practice. 

Attaches to most Aluminum and Wood Bats

Ideal for Little League to the Majors baseball bat weight softball bat weight


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