How it Started Ritend Bat Weights


Started back in 1986 at Georgia College.

There my hitting Coach was Matt Fincher and his good friend was Minor Leaguer Kevin Seitzer.

None of the older players would stay and hit with Kevin because he was in the Minors so I did.

Just coming off major shoulder surgery were Dr. James Andrews stapled it back together the only thing I could do is hit.

There the philosophy of my hitting approach was molded and guided by Coach Fincher and Kevin.

My shoulder lasted 2 more years before it blew up again and ended my baseball dreams.

But during that time I made All Conference 3rd base and life time .357 batting average.

After that I tried to make it in the music field with my band hippies & pilots but got back into 

baseball when my son Jakob was old enough to play. 

There I started teaching my hitting philosophy to little leaguer's and lot of 

not very nice discussions with You Tube Parent Coaches. 

I was then lucky enough to join the Western High School Baseball Staff as hitting instructor. 

There we went to regional’s with a team batting avg of .289 After that year I was asked and honored to join the staff at 

Plantation High School Baseball with an team batting avg was .286 in 2017 and .298 in 2018 & .301 in 2019.

This is when I started playing with the idea of a weight on the knob of the bat. 

Last 2 years I had weights ducked taped to the knob for the players to use. 

Then one sleepless night and 3:30am run it came to me. With help from my engineering 

and machining friends  I made some prototypes out of plastic and it worked. 

Showed a patent attorney and now we are trying to change 

how Baseball and Softball players think about bat weights.

The funny thing is the more research I did the more I found out that the weight on 

the end is actually bad for the swing. I teach gap to gap hitting with the hands 

getting instead the ball. Yes I know the world thinks launch angle but 95% of the 

players can’t hit it 400 feet. I know Ritend Bat Weights will help all players at all levels.

I appreciate you taking the time to check out the website and I hope 

you give us the opportunity improve you bat speed and strength.

Keep Swinging and Smiling,

Skip Lindemann


PS Matt Fincher is now the Head Baseball Coach at USC Upstate and 

Kevin Seitzer played over 12 years in the majors and is the current Hitting Coach for the Atlanta Braves.